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How to stay relevant to your subscribers
As mailers we know that staying relevant to our existing subscribers is one of the most important aspects of our job, if not the most important. These existing subscribers are people who have already either expressed interest in you, or they have actually purchased from you. You already have their attention once they subscribe or buy so it is important that you keep their attention by:
➔ Tell subscribers what to expect Upon subscribing to your list you should tell your new reader exactly what to expect from you, then stick to it. If your newsletter is not supposed to promote products, then don’t promote products. If your newsletter is only to promote products relevant to a certain group then only promote those products. Don’t stray from what you promised. Be very specific when you tell your subscribers what you will do by telling them in both paragraph form and bullet form, that way they will not miss anything and will not be confused.
➔ Educate your subscribers Believe it or not, some subscribers still do not really understand the Internet much and get confused about email lists. Therefore you should explain to them exactly what they have joined, and how to make sure they do not miss a single email by white-listing your email address.
How to stay relevant to your subscribers
➔ Do not spam Use and check out all products before you recommend them to your subscribers. Unless you have used the product or personally know the creator, you cannot really know for sure if the product does what they say they will. Legally you have protected yourself from the spam police by having an opt in or you only email people who are your customers but to most subscribers, anything not in their niche is spam.
How to stay relevant to your subscribers
➔ Be consistent If you are not consistent, and regular in your emails your list will forget about you and then they will delete you upon receipt of the irregular and occasional email. To stay in their mind, be consistent. There are arguments that suggest once a week, some say monthly, regardless of what you decide, be consistent.
➔ Create awesome headlines Even if your subscriber is expecting to hear from you people subscribe to and get so many emails that yours can be missed. Make sure you create a headline that people want to open, give it some thought.
➔ Personalize Everyone loves to see their own name, and they love to feel special so personalize your email newsletters so that they see their own name in it. You can even put their name in the subject line which they will like even more. It will make them feel closer and more trusting of you.
➔ Segment Make sure that you segment your subscribers at the very least into those who have bought and thoughts who have not bought. It is important because you do not want to market the same product to someone who has already purchased it. It is nicer if you can segment further all the way down your product funnel then your marketing can be more specific.
How to stay relevant to your subscribers
List segmentation the key to more sales
There is no doubt that list segmentation leads to more sales. The reason segmentation helps up your sales is because it makes clients feel heard, and it makes your marketing job so much easier by creating smaller more targeted lists. List segmentation means that you divide your subscribers into different groups, or segments, depending upon their behavior. Putting your subscribers into various different lists will increase your sales rate exponentially because you will be able to laser target your sales copy to appeal to a smaller share of your market. Various email marketing software products, and / or auto responder software offer the ability to automate the process. With Send Shark auto responder you are able to create multiple email campaigns. Each campaign can be set up for different pages, lists etc. The way this works is this: P=Prospect C=Client
Prospects – The new subscriber signs up to get more information on your subscription form that you placed on your website. Then your new subscriber is on list P. List P members are subscribers who have not yet bought your product, they are prospects(P). Since you know the people in the P list have not purchased from you yet, you can make sure that your copy to your prospects is written and worded differently from your copy to those who are already your customers.
List segmentation the key to more sales
Client – The prospect buys merchandise or information via a link on your site or via one of the new subscriber newsletters or one of the emails that you send out to your prospects regularly. Once the prospect makes a purchase the auto responder software automatically moves the P to the C list, which is the client list. Once your prospect is a client then you know to market to them completely different from how you would had they not made a purchase. Your emails to clients will focus on pulling them into the next step in your product funnel depending upon what they bought.
List segmentation the key to more sales
The important thing to remember to make segmentation really work is to make sure you market to these groups based on who the group is and do not be generic in your focus.
Prospects are very different from clients, and they should know that you know they are different when you are marketing to them.
You can segment your subscribers in many ways, and you should. It’s not hard to do because your auto responder software can do it for you. All you have to do is set this scenario up right away at the time that you create your first list or your first product. It is very important not to put this off because you will never regret it because segmenting your list will actually result in more sales further down your product funnel, thus enabling you to earn more money while working less.
List segmentation the key to more sales
Prospects Opt-in Lead Leads Convert to Sales
Steps to get your subscribers to read and take action on your email
You’ve worked hard on getting your auto responder system set up. You’ve crafted wonderful emails to go out to your list on certain days depending on the time of sign up. You’ve built your list and now you are sitting there wondering what now. Why isn’t anyone opening the emails? When they do open them why aren’t they clicking on anything? There could be many issues to consider. Below are a few thoughts that may get your subscribers to read and take action on your email.
➔ Educate your subscribers Tell new subscribers exactly what is going to happen. Educate them on what to expect from joining your list. Tell them how often they will hear from you, the email address they should white list, and any other information you think that will inform your subscribers on what to expect from you. Then stick to it.
➔ Segment your list Nothing is worse than getting the same emails over and over again about a product you already bought. Eventually you set up a rule to just automatically delete the emails or you unsubscribe from the list, right? You do it too! If you segment your list better you will avoid this problem. You will be able to target your email copy right to the people you want to based on which list they are on. The great thing is that it’s simple to set up these rules in your auto responder.
Steps to get your subscribers to read and take action on your email
➔ Have a call to action You really do need to tell people what to do. What action to take. Click here now to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Don’t miss out! This offer only lasts three more days! You get the idea. If you don’t ask for the sale, you’ll rarely get it. So ask. Just be nice about it.
➔ Personalize subject lines Today you can personalize your subject lines in your emails with your subscribers name as well as the name of your topic of the newsletter. This is a great thing to do because your email will stand out from the other generic “sent to all” emails that your subscribers get by the hundreds. Call out inactive subscribers — I don’t mean to yell at them, but specifically mention inactive subscribers and tell them what they are missing by not participating, reading, or buying your product. Ask them how you can do better, tell them you value their feedback and ask for their feedback.
➔ Sensationalize subject lines Create subject lines that are different from your ordinary subject lines that mention something personal, or speak directly to the targeted segmented list and you will see more opens, and hopefully if you’ve worded your email right, more action.
Steps to get your subscribers to read and take action on your email
➔ Test.Test.Test You’re probably learning that in this Internet marketing world you must test, evaluate, and test again each campaign and this includes your email marketing to your subscribers whether they are prospects or clients. If something is not working, or not working good enough, change one small thing, then evaluate it again. Eventually you will hit upon the secret sauce that makes your PayPal account really happy.
Steps to get your subscribers to read and take action on your email
Build the Know, Like and Trust with your subscribers! You will win every time!
The importance of cleaning your list periodically
Many online marketers/mailers have lists with hundreds of subscribers, maybe even thousands, but if these subscribers are not clicking on the links nor participating in the discussions, why are they still there? In some cases this can even cost money due to the expense of keeping them on the list is especially large. Quarterly or at least twice a year go through your lists and clean them.
The best way to do this is to simply delete subscribers who have not read or clicked on any links on the emails that you send them in a year’s time period. But, wait, there are better things that you can do than this before you click delete. Why not warn your subscribers that you’re going to delete them if they do not take action. Sometimes people like that will act if they have not acted yet.
The best way to do this is to segment your list. Segment your list putting all your inactive subscribers into one list. This way you can target these subscribers in a way that you have not previously. These subscribers many need a push instead of a pull to act. Try an entirely new approach on these inactive subscribers than you have used on your active subscribers. It will be a great market test on more aggressive ad copy, different placement of links, and brand new approaches.
The importance of cleaning your list periodically
Another reason to clean your lists is that you’re being forced to look at your metrics and performance. I know it is boring, but honestly, you need to do this so that you know what is going on with your subscribers.
For instance, if you have an inordinate amount of inactive subscribers, meaning, if most of your subscribers are very inactive consider that your current advertising copy, and email copy, might not be meeting their expectations when they signed up for your list. Look back to where they signed up, read your first email to them, what did you promise. Did you deliver?
The importance of cleaning your list periodically
If not, quickly correct this issue and start delivering right now. You might be surprised at how this small change will help with conversion rates.
The entire point of email marketing is to get some kind of return on investment (ROI) and if your list is not paying for itself, modify it until it does. If they have not unsubscribed, and you’re not going directly to the spam folder, you still have a chance to convert them.
It is important to remember that even if your copy is perfect, and you’ve done it all right, some people will simply just stop opening your email for no reason whatsoever. There are reasons for this, sometimes it is that your email is disappearing into the spam black hole, and sometimes it’s just that they weren’t interested to start with. Perhaps they were a freebie seeker and really did only join to get the free e Reports or eBook that you were offering. This happens, if you try to reengage them and it does not work, then it is time to delete them off your list.
The importance of cleaning your list periodically
Always keep email copy fresh, current and transparent! Be truthful and engage your list of subscribers and you will find that many of your subscribers will not go stale. TIP
Giving away incentives, material will always generate a healthy list of subscribers!
Engaged Subscribers Profits
Even on email lists your first impression is important!
We often forget that even in the online world that first impressions count. Think of the times that you’ve clicked on a link and gone to a horrible website where the colors and blinking graphics burn your retinas, yikes! What can you do but click away fast! The same thing happens if you join an e-list hoping to get some really great information and all you get is five emails a day that appear kind of spammy. What do you do? Delete, and unsubscribe. Click, Click, Click. That fast, and that permanent.
If you do not want to be in the spam folder or the recycle bin of your subscribers then remember that first impressions count. Your subscribers are judging you from the first time they land on your website, until they get their first welcome email to your e-list, and beyond. You have to look at everything that you do from the user’s or client’s perspective instead of as the creator whose baby is being judged.
If you aren’t able to look at your welcome email from new eyes, ask someone else to do it who has not seen it, and ask for honest to goodness feedback. Better a friend or paid collaborator hurt your feelings than have people subscribe, then unsubscribe that fast. (or not subscribe at all) Believe me, it happens. The best way to avoid these issues is to test.
Even on email lists your first impression is important!
➔ Unsubscribe rates If you are getting a lot of un-subscribes after your welcome email, take a look at it and consider rewriting the welcome letter. You can ask people why they unsubscribed by creating a redirect from the unsubscribe successful page so that you can get a few responses about why.
➔ Open rates You should be checking open rates on your welcome email, plus any email that you send to your list. The reason is that if one opens then they unsubscribe immediately, the reason might have something to do with the email itself, but if they just unsubscribe and never open anything it could be something else. Maybe your subject lines, maybe something else.
There is, of course an alternative way to look at this problem of un-subscribes after receipt of welcome email. Your welcome email can be a way to weed through people who really aren’t interested in your information or products but are only after freebies. Did you offer a freebie to this subscriber? If you’re trying to draw people into your list and soft sell to them your products and information, you don’t want them turned off right away by your welcome email. Read it out loud, have a friend read it. Pay someone to judge it if you have to.
Even on email lists your first impression is important!
Testing is fundamental to ensuring that your web sites, welcome emails, ad copy, sales copy and all your content is functioning properly. Third party feedback can be essential in helping you improve your offerings. You can include a survey to people who unsubscribe and ask them why, or you can get professional feedback.
Even on email lists your first impression is important!
Search out some of the top marketers in your field and get on their lists. Pay close attention on how they do it. They will even set up a complete email follow up series etc. Which also puts this email campaign virtually on auto pilot! TIP
You can be sure many thousands of dollars have gone into testing their email copy, format, funnels etc.
We can all learn from this!
Even on email lists your first impression is important!
Subject lines are very important. You need a strong tag line to get a great open rate. Your subject line needs to be catchy. This will give you great email open rates! TIP
How many times have you walked by a magazine rack or a book store?
It is always a cool catchy title that grabs your attention. Your subject lines should be no different. Of course also keeping your subject line congruent with your email copy.
Make it a great day!