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 “Email List Building Blueprint”


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Step 1: Having the Right Mindset Is Crucial


Ensure that you have the right mindset when going into email marketing because emailing a subscriber list repeatedly with offers that don’t appeal to them will will do two things for you:


  • It will cause you to lose subscribers quickly.
  • You may also suffer from SPAM complaints to your internet service provider (ISP).


The keys to engagement


  • Engagement is key to profitability and success in email marketing- must learn to connect with your subscribers.


  • Thinking what you can do for your customers and subscribers is key to success in email marketing, and in online marketing in general.


Step 2: What’s Your Deliver Method?


What type of autoresponder service will you be using?  An autoresponder is a type of computer program that automatically answers emails that are sent to it; without it, you’d have to send welcome/verification emails manually, which would be impossible, especially for sizable lists.


There are two types of autoresponders you can set up:


  • Choose between having an autoresponder software program on your own Web server or pay an autoresponder company to use their service and their servers.


  • You have more control with your own autoresponder software, but using too much of your Web host’s server resources could cause you to lose privileges.


Thus, most Internet marketers choose to pay an autoresponder company to use their service, especially since they have the resources to send out mass emails at one time.


Three of the most popular autoresponder services are:

  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp


Research them and others based on services, features, pricing, etc. to find the best one for your business.


Step 3: Opt-In Confirmations and Lead Magnets


Decide between single and double opt-in confirmations for your list.


  • Single opt-ins require less work on the part of your subscribers, but can lead to mistaken sign-ups that could cause you problems if they receive messages they don’t want to receive.


  • Double opt-ins require more work on the part of your subscribers to get onto your list, but you are assured that they really want to be on your list.


Your Free Lead Magnet


  • Your free giveaway needs to be a valuable ebook/report/software program/etc. that will encourage people to give their contact information to you and join your list in return for it.


Best, most effective free giveaways are those that address a need or want of your target market- research online via competitors’ websites and online forums that cater to your niche to find out what will make the best free giveaways.


Choose how to create the free giveaway.

  • Write/make it yourself.
  • Hire an outsourcer to write/make it.
  • Use private label rights (PLR) material for all or in part to write/make it.


If you do choose to use PLR for all or part of your free giveaway, be sure it is modified enough so that it is unique enough and valuable enough for your opt-in subscribers.


Step 4: Dedicating Your Landing Pages


Create a dedicated landing page using your preferred method of making Web pages or use your autoresponder’s landing page templates.


Landing Page Templates


This dedicated landing page should have fill-in-the-blanks for name and email address, plus should have a graphic that represents the ebook/report/software program.


  • Add social share buttons to your landing page so that people can share your landing page and free giveaway to friends, family, followers, fans on social media- utilize the power of viral marketing.


Step 5: Thank You Page List Building


Create a thank you page that will be displayed to the subscriber once he/she has submitted his/her contact info (via single opt-in) or after he/she has verified his/her subscription (via double opt-in).


  • Either create the thank you page via your Web design skills using your preferred Web page software or use thank you page templates from your autoresponder company.


  • Add social media sharing buttons so that more people can learn about your free giveaway and so that more people will join your list.



List Building with Your Free Giveaway


Help promote your free giveaway by willing to promote others’ free giveaways on your download page, while they do the same on their download pages for your free giveaway.


  • Find credible marketers with free giveaways that complement your own- these are the best ones to use this tactic with for maximum results and subscribers to your list.


Step 6: Welcoming Your New Subscribers


Welcome them to your list, ensure they received their free download by including a link to it.


  • Be sure to use the <first_name> variable your autoresponder uses to ensure the first name of your new subscriber is used in your email, as personalization can go a long way toward building trust with your new subscriber.


Offer to help the new subscriber with anything related to your topic of expertise by providing contact info (email, social media, Skype, etc.).


Add Product Upsell to Your Free Offer


  • Add a modified or enhanced version of your free offer for a low price in a first or early email to your subscriber.


  • Follow up with a few more messages for your upsell to the new subscriber over the course of the next few weeks using your autoresponder.


Step 7: Decide Email Frequency


It is crucial to provide value in every email to your subscribers and don’t waste their time.


Don’t put offers in all emails either; in fact, you should probably have a ratio of about 80%/20% content/offers ratio or no lower than 75%/25% content/offers ratio.

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